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  • University of California, Berkeley -
    Master of Architecture

  • University of Southern California -
    Bachelor of Architecture

Work History

  • Architect:
  • David Reed Fellows Architecture - Principal
  • Scenario Design - Chief Architect

  • Designer:
  • Architects Orange
  • KTGY Group, Inc
  • MBH Architects
  • Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo
  • MCG Architects
  • RTKL
  • Gehry Partners

Contact Info

  • Telephone: 949.273.9685
  • Fax: 949.598.0916
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Concierge Architectural Services:

David Fellows I provide high-quality development, planning and design services directly to architectural and property development firms who specialize in a wide range of project types (including retail, residential, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, government, mixed-use, etc.). I also provide high-quality design services to private individuals who seek help with their own social, residential or small business concerns. My services include the creation of fully developed schematic design, design development and entitlement packages, 3d models and graphics, all for client and jurisdictional review and submittal. Work is done using current versions of Autodesk's Building Design Suite, Adobe's Creative Cloud creative tools suite and SketchUp's software library, all using your inhouse file creation standards and also hand produced using a wide spectrum of materials and methods. I back up my work with in-person presentation and submittal services. My services are provided on a consulting, per-project or per hour basis.

A Unique Niche in the Architectural Services Market:

Architectural Firms

If you are an architectural firm, I can help you save money by cutting costs, reducing overhead and liability. I can bring in new technological skills and increase your firm's organizational flexibility. Although your work load may be increasing, it may not be a good time to hire a full-time employee. The burdens of tax, of insurance and of benefits and the pressures of low billable time and low profit margins all work to decrease the number of full-time employees you can support. I can help mitigate the typical "hire and fire"cycles that the market tends to create for a single firm because I simply follow the work load into and out of your office.

Developers and Builders

If you are a real estate developer, I can help you save money by providing the same high-level design and development services of the other architectural firms, but at a much lower cost. And, I go many steps further: I also personalize my services by meeting you on your terms and on your schedule, wherever you are. My assignments may be unconventional or unplanned. You can call me for last minute fixer-uppers or for long-term projects. You can even put me "on call" as your retained architect.

Private Individuals

If you are an individual(s) seeking private services, I can provide to you all of the same high-quality services as the other architects, but I personalize the whole experience and I charge lower fees. I can meet you on your terms and at your convenience. And, if you like the hands-on approach, you can be present and contribute during any of the phases of production.

Doing the Job Right:

For over the course of 20 years I've gained solid architectural design and services experience through attending some of the best architecture schools in the country and working at some of the best architectural firms in Southern California. My intuitive design sensibilities, education, work experience, computer software skills, hand media skills, work ethic, and inter-personal skills all come together to qualify me as the professional you can trust to get your job done right.